Nottinghamshire flutterings 60 (2015-36) on 30/12/15

Hello Butterphiles,

Records since 20/12/15

Brimstone [11/01/2005-27/12/2015]
27/12/2015 male flying in an area just to the East of Misson, Maureen and Bernard Featherstone.

Red Admiral [25/01/2014-29/12/2015]
29/12/15 flew past me and landed on a twig – just shows how mild it was out there for a while! Sue Cowlishaw.

Peacock [03/01/2013-29/12/2015]
23/12/15 on the wing at 12.30 today at Widmerpool. Neil Pinder.
29/12/15 two seen today at RSPB Langford Lowfields. Stuart Carlton.

Unsurprisingly these are all latest records  [….] indicate the first and last dates I have on record.

Also, for information, there has been a Twitter record of Red Admiral seen in Belper on 27/12/2015



Happy Flutterings for 2016,

Richard Rogers, Nottinghamshire Butterfly recorder

Nottinghamshire flutterings 59 (2015-35) on 20/12/15

Hello Butterphiles,

Three records over the last week…

Small Tortoiseshell (15/01/1996-24/12/2001)
We had a Small Tortoiseshell in the garden yesterday 17th December (Beeston Rylands) – Steve Keller.

Peacock (03/01/2013-24/12/2008)
8 Dec 2015, Just had a Peacock flutter up from the bottom of the garden – Rob Thatcher.
Single at Attenborough Nature Reserve today.

Hope you all have a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas


Richard Rogers, Nottinghamshire Butterfly recorder

Peacock Butterflies in Derbyshire

2 Peacock butterflies have been seen this week in Derbyshire – 1 on the 16th of December 2015 at Aston Village (Brenda Meakin) and 1 on the 17th of December 2015 at Pleasley Pit NR (David Elliott)

Nottinghamshire flutterings 58 (2015-34) – December Brimstone!

Hello Butterphiles,

Since my last update towards the end of November…..

Two sighting both females. The latest previous record that I have available is 15/11/2009
6th December: David Atkinson -female Brimstone this morning whilst bird watching near Newark Sugar Factory
7th December: Stuart Carlton – female Brimstone in my garden (Cropwell Bishop) today. Swept through on the breeze!

Red Admiral.
The latest previous record is 4/12/2006
7th December: Rob Thatcher – Red Ad flying round the garden today – Hooray!

The latest previous record is 24/12/2008
26th November: Jacqueline Dennison – flying in and around heather (Budby South Forest) looking most incongruous!
8th December: Lorna Griffiths photographed a tatty individual: Almost the end of days for this little fellow seen today on the Thoresby Estate

Two other species have been recorded in December before now:
Painted Lady 15/12/1996
Small Tortoiseshell 24/12/2001

Keep watching those warm sheltered areas!


Richard Rogers
Nottinghamshire Butterfly record recorder
East Midlands Butterfly Conservation