First Butterfly Sightings of the Year

Update Number 1

Red Admiral Photo by Richard M. Jeffery

After what seems a very long, cold and wet winter so far, it is encouraging to be able to report the first butterfly sighting in the county. On the 28th of January the sunshine returned and Georgina Bland reported a sighting of a Red Admiral in her Burbage garden, and on the same day, Steve Lee also noted a Red Admiral in his garden in Narborough.

I am not aware of any other sightings as yet, and I am still awaiting my first, but if you have seen a butterfly, or you do over the coming days, then please let me know. You can use my email link on the EMBC Committee Page (Leicestershire Butterfly Recorder) or you can post your sighting on the ‘Butterflies and Moths of Leicestershire and Rutland’ Facebook page. The weather forecast for the next few days predicts another cold snap, but with the occasional sunny spells like today, you never know what may put in an appearance.

The new Butterfly Transect season is only a few weeks away, so if anyone would like to join us in helping to record butterflies on an existing transect in the county, or would like to help set up a new transect, then please feel free to get in touch. They are normally carried out on a rota basis so you’ll only need to commit to an hour or so once every two or three weeks, and the season runs from the first week of April to the end of September. Many volunteers work in pairs, so it can also be a shared experience.  It’s a good way to see and study butterflies in their natural habitat, it gets you out and about in the fresh air and provides invaluable information to help us ascertain the status of our county butterflies.

Remember, these Updates are only possible because of nature lovers like you. It is your information that forms the basis of all the Updates, otherwise, without it, it’ll end up being my personal Blog and that is not what this Blog was set up for.

Enjoy your butterflying.

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