Nottinghamshire Flutterings 17th Feb 2017 – Brimstone Day

Three separate records of Brimstone today though not the first for the Notts year.

Records received since 2nd Feb:

Brimstone 03/02/2017 Hoveringham Railway Pit 1 Andrew Prezslak
Peacock 04/02/2017 Toton 1 Brian Parkes
Red Admiral 04/02/2017 Calverton 1 Sue Jones
Brimstone 17/02/2017 Colwick 1 Michael Walker
Brimstone 17/02/2017 Cotgrave 1 Neil Pinder
Brimstone 17/02/2017 Burton Joyce 1 Bob and Glenis Beck



When Skies Are Grey?

Update Number 1.

Small Tortoiseshell.                                     Photograph by Richard M. Jeffery

Sunny skies have been few and far between this winter. Well, they have certainly been outnumbered by the grey ones in my experience. It goes without saying, therefore, that butterfly sightings are a bit of a rarity in the county so far. The honour of reporting the first sighting of the year (to my knowledge) goes to Rhys Dandy who spotted a solitary Small Tortoiseshell sunning itself in the precinct at Coalville on the 2nd of January. What happened to the poor little creature after that is anyone’s guess. Since then, 2 more Small Tortoiseshells have been seen by Pete Leonard in Scalford on the 20th January, and today (7th February) Margaret Adams saw a Red Admiral in her garden in Broughton Astley. We could certainly do with a few more sunny and crisp days to tempt some more out to play.


Exciting plans are afoot to create 2 new butterfly banks in the heart of the National Forest. East Midlands Butterfly Conservation, in conjunction with the Black to Green Project and other sponsors hope to have the butterfly banks in position by the end of winter, or early spring at the very latest. One will be situated at Moira Furnace alongside a recently planted wildflower meadow, and the other will be located in nearby Donisthorpe Woodland Park. It is hoped that with the correct siting and suitable planting, the Dingy Skipper may move in. A Dingy Skipper was recorded on the butterfly transect at DWP in 2015 so there is a distinct possibility that this may happen. Work is due to commence over the next two or three weeks and I’ll keep you updated on progress in future posts. If anyone wishes to help ‘hands-on’ then please feel free to get in touch.


The new butterfly transect season will soon be upon us. We are actively looking for new volunteers in the county to become part of the recording teams. We may even be able to set up new transects. All visits are carried out on a rota basis so, depending on how many are in a team, your commitment could be to walk your route once every three or four weeks, hopefully in decent spring or summer weather, and counting butterflies as you go. A pleasant way to take a walk in the fresh air and contribute some invaluable information in the process. The season runs from April 1st to September 30th. If you would like to volunteer or would like more information then please contact me.


Please continue to keep a look out for early butterflies and let me know as soon as you can, either by using the email link or via our Facebook Page: Butterflies and Moths of Leicestershire and Rutland.



Nottinghamshire Flutterings 2nd Feb 2017 – January update

A single Red Admiral noted on 30th at the Concord Business Centre in New Basford (iRecord) and a probable in flight on the 19th in Ruddington (June Mcconnell).

That’s all for now!

Richard Flutterings Rogers

Nottinghamshire Flutterings 21st Jan 2017 – Peacock, our first flight record for the year.

A Peacock was seen by Phil Lee in his Misterton garden yesterday (20th Jan), this is our first flight record for the year.

Earlier this month:
Len Lomas noted a possible Peacock on 10th Jan at Mons Pool, Besthorpe
Small Tortoiseshell, one hibernating in a church bell in North Muskham on 17 Jan.

And one record from December – Nick Crouch spotted a Red Admiral on 9th December in Newark


Group of people looking for Grizzled Skippers during a Field Trip to Bingham Linear Park

2017 Branch Field Trip Program

The East Midlands Branch 2017 Field Trip Program is now available at East Midlands Butterflies Events


Nottinghamshire Flutterings 4th Jan 2017. A butterflyless December

A butterflyless December

December appears to have been butterflyless in Nottinghamshire – I have not received a single record for last month.

However, to date I have received over 8000 casual records from January through to November 2016.

If you do have any outstanding 2016 records please could you let me have them by the end do the month.


Do you visit a specific site most weeks between April and October?

A local park? A regular walk with friends or with your dogs? A Notts Wildlife Trust reserve?

If so, I ask you to consider a simplified form of ‘transect’ recording.

A butterphile who lives near to me trailed this successfully last year. His records are no longer casual, they now have added value as we continue to monitor the status of Nottinghamshire butterflies.

If you think you can help please email me directly.


Happy 2017
Richard Flutterings Rogers

Small Copper 161020 Chilwell by Jane Howe

Nottinghamshire Flutterings on 27th October, it ain’t over.

Nottinghamshire Flutterings on 27th October, it ain’t over.

Small Copper 161020 Chilwell by Jane Howe

Small Copper 161020 Chilwell by Jane Howe

Records from the last few days,  the Common Blue record ‘beats’ the latest record I have available which is 14/10/2011.

Brimstone 25/10/2016 Calverton Garden 1 Martyn Anderson
Small White 20/10/2016 Sandybanks LNR 2 Antoni Lachetta
22/10/2016 Gedling 1 Adrian Dutton
Small Copper 20/10/2016 Chilwell 1 Jane Howe
21/10/2016 Sandybanks LNR 4 Antoni Lachetta
23/10/2016 Sandybanks LNR 1 Antoni Lachetta
Common Blue 23/10/2016 Sandybanks LNR 1 Antoni Lachetta
Red Admiral 16/10/2016 Chilwell 1 Jane Howe
17/10/2016 Bestwood garden 1 Antoni Lachetta
17/10/2016 Sherwood garden 1 Jack Dennison
17/10/2016 Netherfield, Ouse Dyke 1 Jack Dennison
21/10/2016 Mapperley area 1 Jack Dennison
22/10/2016 Beeston 1 Matthew Hackney
22/10/2016 Langold 2 Pauline Bradford
25/10/2016 Calverton garden 2 Martyn Anderson
25/10/2016 Arboretum 1 Damian Taylor
26/10/2016 Elton Guide Campsite 1 Jennie Harrison
Comma 22/10/2016 Gedling 1 Adrian Dutton
22/10/2016 Langold 1 Pauline Bradford
Speckled Wood 15/10/2016 Blidworth Woods 1 Jack Dennison



Some of you may be aware that John Bland writes quiz sheets which are sold to raise money for wildlife causes. The next one in the series is raising money for Butterfly Conservation. It is called the Lepidoptera Quiz and features puzzles and questions on general knowledge, sport, literature, films, music, etc – with questions or answers related to butterflies and moths. It is not necessary to have specialist knowledge of the subject in order to do the quiz.

The quiz sheets cost £1. There are monetary prizes to be won. The closing date is not until April 2017.

Sue Jones very ably sells these quizzes but would welcome help from members of Butterfly Conservation to support your organisation. As well as buying one for yourselves to do please consider buying extra copies to sell on or send to your friends inside Christmas cards.

The first time the quiz will be on sale is at the DANES (Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Entomological Society) event at Derby University on Saturday 29th October. Jane Broomhead will have a supply for you to purchase on the Butterfly Conservation stall. She will also have it available at the East Midlands AGM (30th October) and the National AGM (5th November).

Copies can also be obtained by sending a cheque, payable to Butterfly Conservation,and stamped addressed envelope to: Quiz, 12 Chertsey Road, Mickleover, DerbyDE3 0RA.


Hope to see one or two of you on Sunday.



Comma 161022 Langold by Pauline Bradford

Comma 161022 Langold by Pauline Bradford

Red Admiral 161025 Nottingham Nottingham Arboretum by Damian Taylor

Red Admiral 161025 Nottingham Nottingham Arboretum by Damian Taylor