Nottinghamshire Flutterings 10/07/2017 – Clouded Yellow and Big Butterfly Count.

Two records of Clouded Yellow yesterday (9th), one just north of Bulwell by Jeff Wheat and another in Carlton-in-Lindrick by Mark Smithson. I hope there will be more to come.


Please do not forget the BIG BUTTERFLY COUNT which starts on Friday and runs from then (14th July) through to 6th August

All you need to do is spend 15 minutes between 14 July and 6 August recording the butterflies you see in a sunny spot in your garden or local park or wherever you happen to be, and submit your sightings. Do as many counts as you like in the 3 week period, in the same place or different ones.

Record your sightings on-line at or use the free Big Butterfly Count app.


Random thoughts on the many recent records include:

A Grizzled Skipper on 2nd July at Kilvington Lanes (Graham Gamage). Difficult to say whether a very late first brood or a very early and rare second brood. I see one was photographed in Northants yesterday so I am inclined to think that the Kilvington sighting was a second brood individual.

Also on that date a Silver-washed Fritillary was seen at Bestwood Lodge by Peter Smith. SWF (one, maybe two) also still being seen in Cotgrave Woods No reports of Dark Green Fritillary so far.

Purple Emperor continue to be recorded in Cotgrave, I have received photos from Lynne Demaine (see above) and ‘Pecka’ Smith (below) of  female (s) taking minerals on the ground. Quite unusual as far as I know.

Purple Hairstreak and White-letter Hairstreak records are low in number and are mainly from the Cotgrave Woods with the exception of 16 Purple Hairstreak in Wollaton Hall Park and 1 White-letter Hairstreak at Beeston Sidings (both records from Mark Searle).

Just one Common Blue record, these will start to pick up again soon. No Small Copper but hopefully the second brood will likewise be out soon. Brown Argus only two recent records and several Holly Blue singletons.

Only four Essex Skipper records but over 10 Essex/Small Skipper records so please take any opportunity to get head-on views. Good numbers of Small Skipper.

Large Skipper and Ringlet are showing the first signs of dropping off although Toni Lachetta managed over 200 of the later at Sandy Banks in Bestwood.

Good numbers of Meadow Brown but Gatekeeper seem slow off the mark.

Large and Small Whites doing well as are Red Admiral.

Marbled White records continue, these are doing well in other parts of the East Midlands too which suggests to me that I am being too presumptuous in thinking that maybe ours had been topped up this year.


Purple Emperor female by Pecka Smith Cotgrave Woods


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