Nottinghamshire Flutterings 12th March 2016. A brief update.

Hello Butterphiles

Given the weather over the last four weeks, it is not surprising I have only received five sightings:

Red Admiral [25/01/2014-29/12/2011] 29/01/2016-
Diane Hibbert reported one at Retford on 25/02/2016

Small Tortoiseshell [12/01/2016-24/12/2001] 12/01/2016-
Three records – singletons seen at Compton Acres, Arnold and yesterday in Misterton (Laurence Archibald, Mark Speck and Bernard & Maureen Featherstone)

Peacock [03/01/2013-29/12/2015] 10/2/16-
One record from East Leake (Neil Pinder) on 22/02/2016

Hope things start ‘hotting up’ soon.

Richard Rogers

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