Nottinghamshire Flutterings 14/5/17 – Small Heath now in flight in Notts

Three Small Heath seen on her Ollerton Pit Wood transect by Jane Broomhead on 11/5/17


This morning’s Field Trip to Bingham Linear Park was successful. Two Grizzled Skipper at least.


Our next field trip is in a weeks time (Sunday 21/5/17) @ Cotgrave Forest (Nottinghamshire). See website for details.


Some of the records received since last time include:


Dingy Skipper
Records Freckland Wood Newstead 29 Mark Searle
Bennerley Marsh 11 Dave Jones
Warsop Vale 8 Dave Morton
Toton Sidings 2 Michael Bird
Grizzled Skipper
Records Staunton Quarry 12 Michael Bird
GCR Line 9 Brian Johnson
Staunton Quarry NWT 7 Chris Overton
Grange Farm 4 Brian Johnson
Saxondale Disused Railway 1 Chris Jackson
Bingham Linear Park 1 Jenny Craig
Bingham Linear Park 1 Dave Martin
Recorded from Cotham Disused Railway, Cotgrave Woods, Staunton Quarry NWT, GCR Line, Ollerton Pit Wood, Bennerley , Elton-on-the-Hill, Hills and Holes Warsop, Gedling Country Park, Budby South Forest, Bingham Linear Park, Paddock Wood, Ash Tree Hill Wood, A616 Little Carlton, Sherwood Pines, Mansfield Woodhouse, East Leake, Grange Farm, Budby Pumping Station
Large White
Recorded from Elton-on-the-Hill, Cotgrave Woods, Bennerley, Ollerton Pit Wood, Edwinstowe
Including Edwinstowe 7 Jane Broomhead
Small White
Recorded from Bennerley, Gedling Country Park, Mansfield Woodhouse, Budby Pumping Station, Cotgrave Woods, Hills and Holes  Warsop, Budby South Forest, Elton Guide Campsite, Wollaton LNRs, Bunny, Grange Farm
Including Bennerley 10 Dave Jones
Recorded from  Budby Pumping Station, Bunny, Cotgrave Woods, Cotham Disused Railway, Edwinstowe, Elton Guide Campsite, Elton-on-the-Hill, GCR Line, Gedling Country Park, Grange Farm, Hills and Holes Warsop, Keyworth, Mansfield Woodhouse, Ollerton Pit Wood, Potwell Dyke Grasslands, Staunton Quarry NWT, Stragglethorpe, Templepiece, Warsop Vale
Including  Bennerley 10 Dave Jones
Green Hairstreak
Records Toton Sidings 2 Michael Bird
Small Copper
Records Freckland Wood Newstead 6 Mark Searle
Bennerley 1 Dave Jones
Bennerley 1 Marion Bryce
Cotham Disused Railway 1 Bill Bacon
Budby Pumping Station 1 Dave Morton
Bennerley 2 Dave Jones
Holly Blue
Recorded from Bennerley, Bingham Linear Park,  Budby South Forest,  East Leake,  Edwinstowe,  Elton-on-the-Hill,  Mansfield Woodhouse,  Potwell Dyke Grasslands,  Warsop Vale
Red Admiral
Records Ollerton Pit Wood 1 Jane Broomhead
Budby South Forest 1 Elliott Keen
Cotgrave Woods 1 Jane Broomhead
Small Tortoiseshell
Recorded from  Cotham Disused Railway, Bennerley, Potwell Dyke Grasslands, Mansfield Woodhouse, Ollerton Pit Wood, Bingham Linear Park, GCR Line, Budby Pumping Station, Warsop Vale
Recorded from  Cotham Disused Railway, Budby Pumping Station, Warsop Vale, Bennerley, Bingham Linear Park, Ollerton Pit Wood, Cotgrave Woods, Budby South Forest, Ash Tree Hill Wood, Staunton Quarry NWT, Edwinstowe
Recorded from Ash Tree Hill Wood, Bennerley, Bingham Linear Park, Budby Pumping Station, Cotham Disused Railway, Mansfield Woodhouse, Paddock Wood
Speckled Wood
Recorded from  Edwinstowe, Bennerley, Mansfield Woodhouse, Cotgrave Woods, Ollerton Pit Wood, Wollaton LNRs, Bingham Linear Park, Hills and Holes Warsop
Small Heath
Records Ollerton Pit Wood 3 Jane Broomhead



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