Nottinghamshire Flutterings 14th May 2016 Common Blue on the wing and Green Hairstreak alert.

A quick update:

Our first Common Blue was seen by Lorna Griffiths last weekend.
“They surprised me as I’ve never seen them there before. They were along the passage to my allotment, wide path with nettle, tall grasses, hedge garlic, quite shaded, but always get speckled wood there.”

Dingy Skipper
Records from Warsop Vale (Dave Morton), Bennerley Marsh (Dave Jones), Calverton pit (Martyn Anderson who noted 7) plus a further sighting of 7 at Toton Sidings (Richard Smyth).

Grizzled Skipper
More records from East Leake area (Brian Johnson, Kevin Gibbons and Richard Smyth) and a particularly pleasing sighting at Saxondale (Bill Bacon).

Green Hairstreak
At last some records from other sites!
Simon Jenkins “visited Sky Larks/Blott’s Pit and spotted 10 Green Hairstreak” and John Ellis saw one on the scrubby bank on the north-eastern side of the Netherfield Lagoons reserve.
Richard Smyth spotted 10 across the site at Toton Sidings earlier in the week. Interestingly he noted “three pairs quite well spread out at the southern end in the usual area, plus two in the grass along the side of the main walk, and two individuals in the northern part of the site both females low down looking for egg laying sites)”

Looking back at the meagre 62 GHS records on the Notts database since 1995:
GHS has been recorded in 1996 (once), 1997 (twice), 2002 (x3), 2003 (x4), 2004 (x6), 2005 (x10), 2006 (x3), 2010 (x1), 2011 (x1), 2013 (x3), 2014 (x14) and 2015 (x11).

Prior to this year (2016) Toton sidings has been the most ‘productive’ site with 7 seen on one visit last year by Sean Browne followed the Cotgrave County Park (one visit notes 5 in 2013, a total of 7 records between 2010 and 2014).

Other sites over the years include
Annesley Pit Top, Bestwood Country Park and Sand Quarry (10 records between 2002 and 2006), Bingham Linear Park LNR, Blott’s Pit and Skylarks NR, Bunny Hill at Costock, Carlton Wood, East Leake Cutting, gardens in Cropwell Bishop and Cotgrave, Netherfield Lagoons, Rushcliffe Country Park and Watchwood (near Burntstump CP).

So a plea to anyone visiting those sites (particularly Cotgrave County Park and Netherfield Lagoons) to keep your antennae on high alert.

2016 species status to date:

16. Common Blue [11/04/2012-14/10/2011] 8/5/16-
15. Small Copper [16/03/1997-09/11/2006] 7/05/2016-
14. Dingy Skipper [24/04/2009-07/07/2013] 6/5/16-
13. Grizzled Skipper [23/04/2003-26/06/2005] 4/5/2016-
12. Green Hairstreak [06/04/1997-22/06/2013] 19/4/16-
11. Holly Blue [15/03/1998-23/10/2011] 13/4/16-
10. Orange-tip [17/03/2011-28/08/1998] 13/4/16-


Richard Rogers


Holly Blue 160512 on Broom by Richard Smyth

Holly Blue 160512 on Broom by Richard Smyth


Speckled Wood 130506 by Pauline Bradford

Speckled Wood 130506 by Pauline Bradford


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