Nottinghamshire Flutterings 18/07/2017 – a busy week


Please do not forget the BIG BUTTERFLY COUNT which has started and runs until 6th August

All you need to do is spend 15 minutes between 14 July and 6 August recording the butterflies you see in a sunny spot in your garden or local park or wherever you happen to be, and submit your sightings. Do as many counts as you like in the 3 week period, in the same place or different ones.

Record sightings on-line at or use the free Big Butterfly Count app (remembering that you need to have the location setting on).


Toni Lachetta has emailed his thoughts about his sightings at Sandy Banks LNR in Bestwood over the last week:

“Despite it being rather dull most of the time counts have been maintained. Ringlets and small skippers may now be on the wane but still produced good counts. Speckled woods never quite reached zero but have begun to pick up again and there is now one that hangs around the wild buddleia. Still find a red admiral or two but cannot remember a time in recent years that they were found so consistently. Commas, one day they are difficult to find and then they all come out at once. I had six in a few meters on Sunday in the brambles near the Edwards Lane entrance. This afternoon on landed on my notebook while I was adding some ticks. Probably wanted to make sure I had noticed it. Saturday it was small coppers, three together on some ragwort near the care home and another three up on the cycle track. All new but one had a deformed forewing. It didn’t seem to handicap it much though. Gatekeepers beginning to appear now and I predict they are in for a good year. Things look good for this week.”


Here is a summary of sightings over the last eight days or so:

Species Number of records Sites Max Count
Small Skipper 56 23 100 Sandy Banks LNR Bestwood Toni Lachetta
Essex Skipper 11 7 6 Bennerley Mike Leatherland
Large Skipper 18 14 10 Borders Wood Owthorpe Nigel & Barbara Wood
Clouded Yellow 1 1 1 Elton-on-the-Hill Mick Bajcar
Brimstone 12 8 3 Welbeck Estate Roy Frost
Large White 56 23 20 Borders Wood Owthorpe Nigel & Barbara Wood
Small White 73 57 120 Bingham Linear Park – S5 Jenny Craig
Green-veined White 46 41 13 Kimberley Siding Mike Leatherland
Purple Hairstreak 8 6 9 Cotgrave Wood Brian Johnson
Small Copper 10 9 2 seen at Dunkirk Sidings, Nottingham City Hospital (Day Brook) – S6, Budby South Forest 2 – S6, Beeston Sidings LNR, Mansfield Woodhouse, Meering Marsh; remaining singletons
Brown Argus 2 2 4 seen at Meering Marsh and  1 Watchwood (Nth) Nick Crouch /Martyn Anderson
Common Blue 10 10 2 seen at Meering Marsh and Carlton-in-Lindrick); remaining singletons
Holly Blue 11 11 2 Edwinstowe Jane Broomhead
Purple Emperor 4 1 2 possibly 3 Cotgrave Forest Dave B yesterday (17/7/17)
Red Admiral 55 47 23 Welbeck Estate Roy Frost
Painted Lady 3 3 2 Potwell Dyke Grasslands, Southwell – S2 Alison Watson
Small Tortoiseshell 29 22 25 Borders Wood Owthorpe Nigel & Barbara Wood
Peacock 8 8 7 Cotgrave Woods Martin Burton
Comma 52 41 20 Cotgrave Woods Martin Burton
Gatekeeper 79 70 29 Radcliffe Wood – S6 Goodwin, Paul
Meadow Brown 84 67 55 Dukes Wood Roy Frost
Small Heath 16 14 4 Ollerton Pit Wood – S8 Jane Broomhead
Ringlet 106 82 205 Sandy Banks LNR Antoni Lachetta



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