Nottinghamshire Flutterings 22/07/2017 – a few more CBs

1) Brian Johnson reports:

I visited Toton Sidings on Wednesday 19th July to see if the MW was still flying, but the morning was overcast. Unfortunately I did not see any, but there were a good number of Gatekeepers to say the conditions was not favourable and the second brood of CB’s are on their way.

Meadow Park East Leake on 20 July (late afternoon when the sun was out) was also showing the CB’s were now coming out with 15 counted which is a good number compared with 2016. Ringlets were declining with only a count of 9, whereas the Gatekeeper were increasing with a count of 28. Meadow Brown and Small Skippers were high with counts of 152 and 138 respectively. Also, nice to see two Painted Ladies in pristine condition, along with singletons of Small Copper and Brown Argus.

Brown_Argus by Brian Johnson


2) Please do not forget the BIG BUTTERFLY COUNT which has started and runs until 6th August

Record sightings on-line at or use the free Big Butterfly Count app (remembering that you need to have the location setting on).


3) Interested in a pollinator workshop in Notts?

There is one being run next Tuesday at Toton Sidings.


Tue, 25/07/2017 – 10:00am – 4:30pm
Are you involved in managing your local greenspace?
Come along and find out all about the importance of pollinators and how you can help to create pollinator friendly landscapes.
What are pollinators and why are they important?
What are the reasons for their decline?
What can we do about this locally?
The afternoon session includes a site visit to look at examples of grassland creation and management at Toton Fields Local Nature Reserve, hosted by Broxtowe Borough Council and the Friends of Toton Fields.



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