Nottinghamshire Flutterings 28th April 2016 Little to report.

Nottinghamshire Flutterings 28th April 2016  – Little to report.

Not much news over the last ten days, hardly surprising given the colder weather over the last six or seven days.

There has been no further sightings of Green Hairstreak at Toton Sidings….  yet!

My thanks to those of you emailed their thoughts and to the sixteen of you who completed my mini survey. Despite the small numbers the results will help guide me.

The first question was about whether I should release the Green Hairstreak news at all given that this seems to be the only colony in Notts –

Should I stay quiet and not publicise the GHS records at all – 33.33%

Should I just tell the Nottinghamshire butterphiles I know personally – 26.67%

Should I publicise the GHS records and site on ‘Flutterings’ so that the records are freely available to all – 40.00%

The second question was, assuming I publicise the site openly, how much web site detail should I provide to enable visitors to find them –

Not applicable – I do not think the GHS records / site should be made public  – 21.43%

Just give the site name and no specific directions – 14.29%

Provide accurate site details just to those who ask me – 57.14%

Provide an open six or eight figure grid reference in Flutterings – 7.14% (one person)
I am pleased that these ‘results’ and the comments I have received  pretty much reflect my own opinion.

Perhaps the most compelling arguments for spreading the news are

a) HS2 will flatten the site so depriving all of us the pleasure of seeing GHS there in the future

b) the site holds a healthy population of Dingy Skipper so, HS2 aside, it is best to direct those wanting to see GHS to where they can be found.

During the warmer weather just before the cold snap I received:

28 Brimstone records including a count of 6 at Vicar Water from Matt Smith.
7 Large White records
24 Small White records
9 Green-veined White records
21 Orange-tip records comprising 47 individuals, 11 seen by Sean Brown on 21/04/2016 at Barton-in-Fabis
9 Holly Blue records from Stapleford (Ian Dunn), Sherwood area of Nottingham (John Knifton), Carlton (Jenny & Steve Smith), Chilwell (Sean Browne), Naturescape Wildflower Farm (Jane Howe), Wollaton (Peter Acton), Ruddington (Chris Overton) and in Bestwood (Antoni Lachetta)
51 Small Tortoiseshell records (187 in total), 16 at East Leake Meadow Park (Brian Johnson) and 11 at Sandybanks NR (Antoni Lachetta)
61 Peacock records (195 in total), highest count of 16 a Toton Sidings (Sandy Aitken)
18 Comma records
3 Speckled Wood records from Carlton (gardens of Jenny & Steve Smith and of Bridget Terry) and Edwalton (Chris Overton)

Orange-tip 160427 by Brian Johnson

Orange-tip 160427 by Brian Johnson

Orange-tip 160427 underside by Brian Johnson

Orange-tip 160427 underside by Brian Johnson

May you flutter on………



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