Nottinghamshire Flutterings 29/3/17, Holly Blue.

Martyn Anderson saw our first Holly Blue in his Calverton garden yesterday.

Green-veined White – 2 also seen on the 26th by Pauline Bradford at Dyscarr Wood.

A remarkable count of 16 Small Tortoiseshell from the Ouse Dyke area of Netherfield – Jacqueline Dennison.

Good numbers of Comma – Toni Lachetta comments “Is this going to be the year of the comma? I don’t usually find them this early in the year and I think eight is the most I have ever seen in a day”

And another Speckled Wood.

Records received since 24th March include:

Brimstone 26 records including
24/03/2017 Elton-on-the-Hill 3 Mick Bajcar
24/03/2017 Bramcote 3 John Revill
26/03/2017 Retford 3 Dave Griffin
25/03/2017 Bingham Linear Park 4 Jenny Hawkins
25/03/2017 Southwell 5 Marie Bunting
Small White 28/03/2017 Burton Joyce 1 Lorna Griffiths
25/03/2017 Sandy Banks LNR 2 Antoni Lachetta
Green-veined White 26/03/2017 Retford 1 Dave Griffin
26/03/2017 DyscarrWood 2 Pauline Bradford
Orange-tip 24/03/2017 Beeston Sidings LNR 1 Mark Searle
24/03/2017 Attenborough Nature Reserve 1 Paul Goodwin
Holly Blue 28/03/2017 Calverton garden 1 Martyn Anderson
Red Admiral 25/03/2017 Ouse Dyke 1 Jacqueline Dennison
Small Tortoiseshell 19 records including
25/03/2017 Lambley 3 Jean Powley
24/03/2017 Langford Lowfields 4 Lynne Demaine
25/03/2017 Sandy Banks LNR 8 Antoni Lachetta
25/03/2017 Ouse Dyke 16 Jacqueline Dennison
Peacock 17 records including
24/03/2017 Langford Lowfields 2 Lynne Demaine
24/03/2017 Sandy Banks LNR 2 Antoni Lachetta
25/03/2017 Burton Joyce 2 Mark Speck
25/03/2017 Southwell 3 Marie Bunting
Comma 22 records including
26/03/2017 Dyscarr Wood 3 Pauline Bradford
25/03/2017 Sandy Banks LNR 4 Antoni Lachetta
24/03/2017 Sandy Banks LNR 8 Antoni Lachetta
24/03/2017 Sansom Wood 12 Martyn Anderson
Speckled Wood 26/03/2017 Dyscarr Wood 2 Pauline Bradford


Thanks to all who have submitted records.

Keep ’em coming but PLEASE use the spreadsheet template or my preferred text format (email me at if you need a copy or details) to save me time.

Thank you.

Richard R



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