Nottinghamshire Flutterings 2nd October 2017 Small Copper ab. radiata

Nottinghamshire Flutterings 2nd October 2017 Small Copper ab. radiata

Must congratulate Mark Searle for his perfect images of a ‘usual’ Small Copper and a Small Copper aberration (ab. radiata).

Taken at Beeston Sidings on the outskirts of Nottingham.

Thank you Mark.


Here are a summary of some of the records from the last couple of weeks of September:

Brimstone Five records including
Grantham Canal 3 Cooper; Chris
Newstead & Annesley CP – S8 1 Burnham; Philip
Newstead & Annesley CP – S2 1 Burnham; Philip
Radcliffe Wood – S9 1 Goodwin, Paul
Large White 48 records of ones and two except
Bingham Linear Park – S5 4 Craig, Jenny
Sandy Banks LNR Bestwood – S1 3 Lachetta; Antoni
Small White 59 records putting it in top spot
Welbeck Estate 8 Frost; Roy
Bingham Linear Park – S6 6 Craig, Jenny
Shireoaks Woodlands 5 Pearson; Paul
Green-veined White 16 records all singletons except
Bennerley Marsh 4 Jones, Dave
Bingham Linear Park – S6 2 Craig, Jenny
Grantham Canal 2 Cooper; Chris
Small Copper Six records including
Beeston Sidings – S3 2 Birkett, Graham
Compton Acres 1 Archibald; Laurence
Sandy Banks LNR Bestwood – S1 1 Lachetta; Antoni
Beeston Sidings – S3 1 Birkett, Graham
Bennerley Marsh 1 Jones, Dave
Brown Argus One record
Calverton Colliery 1 Anderson; Martyn
Common Blue Two records
Newstead & Annesley CP – S6 1 Philip Burnham
Mansfield pit tip 1 Shaw; David
Red Admiral 50 (yes fifty) records including
Welbeck Estate 80 Frost; Roy
Beeston Sidings 14 Birkett; Graham
Beeston Sidings – S2 12 Birkett, Graham
Compton Acres 10 Archibald; Laurence
Sherwood Nottingham City 9 Dennison; Jacqueline
Beeston Sidings – S2 8 Birkett, Graham
Painted Lady Two records
Keyworth 1 McConnell; June
Hoveringham 1 Shaw; David
Small Tortoiseshell 9 records, singletons except for
Bestwood 2 Lachetta; Antoni
Keyworth 2 Fairchild, Sarah
Peacock Two records
Calverton 3 Anderson; Martyn
Keyworth 1 McConnell; June
Comma 23 records including
Grantham Canal 5 Cooper; Chris
Welbeck Estate 5 Frost; Roy
Grantham Canal 4 Cooper; Chris
Compton Acres 3 Archibald; Laurence
Radcliffe Wood – S10 3 Goodwin, Paul
Speckled Wood 52 records including
Compton Acres 5 Archibald; Laurence
Bennerley Viaduct – S5 4 Bryce, Marion
Bingham Linear Park – S7 4 Craig, Jenny
Beeston Sidings – S2 4 Birkett, Graham
Sandy Banks LNR Bestwood – S1 4 Lachetta; Antoni
Meadow Brown One record (which was double checked)
Netherfield Lagoons – S3 1 Cowlishaw; Sue
Small Heath Two records
Calverton Colliery 1 Anderson; Martyn
Budby Common 1 Dennison; Jacqueline



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