Nottinghamshire Flutterings 5th April 2016 – first records for Specked Wood.

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Our 8th species for the year was seen during the last week: Speckled Wood seen by Dave Jones at Bennerley Marsh on 30/03/2016.



The twenty-six week transect season has started and I am really pleased to say that eighteen have been set up this year (thirteen last year).

I have been contacted by ‘Gilly’ who has been hoping to set up a transect at Shireoaks reclaimed pit or Langold pit but she needs some help. Are there three or four volunteers who might be interested?

A transect visit typically lasts under an hour and ideally there should be twenty-six weekly visits through the transect season. Choice of day within each week is up to the volunteer and is weather / other commitment dependent. One additional volunteer would mean thirteen visits, two others nine visits etc.  Let me know if interested please.


2016 species status to date:

08. Speckled Wood [17/03/2011-05/11/2014] 30/3/16-
07. Green-veined White [17/03/2011-08/10/2008] 26/3/2016-
06. Small White [25/3/2016-31/10/2007] 25/3/16-
05. Comma [06/02/1998-24/11/2011] 20/3/2016-
04. Peacock [03/01/2013-29/12/2015] 10/2/16-
03. Brimstone [11/01/2005-27/12/2015] 7/2/16-
02. Red Admiral [25/01/2014-29/12/2011] 29/01/2016-
01. Small Tortoiseshell [12/01/2016-24/12/2001] 12/01/2016-

[ ] indicate first and last dates in Notts records dating back to 1995.


Records received since last time (26th March), Small Tortoiseshell records coming out tops:

Flutterings 5th April

My thanks to all who have contributed to these records.


Some photos (please keep their size small, aim to keep them under 0.5MB please):

Comma 160331 Peter Acton

Small Tortoiseshell 160329 by Pauline Bradford

Comma 160331 Jean Parrott


Keep on fluttering…..

Richard Rogers



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