And we’re off! Nottinghamshire flutterings 61 (2016-01)

Hello Butterphiles,

Our first ‘on the wing’ record of the year came in yesterday from Lound.

Small Tortoiseshell [12/01/2016-24/12/2001] 12/01/2016-
Seen and photographed by Daz Housman, our previous earliest date was 15/01/1996.

Also this week, and also from Lound – 3 hibernating Peacock [03/01/2013-29/12/2015]

I have received news of the only Nottinghamshire record of Wall Brown from last year – a singleton seen well by Mike Archer near Styrrup on 16th July.


Richard Rogers, Nottinghamshire Butterfly recorder

Small Tortoiseshell Daz Housman 12-01-2016

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