Nottinghamshire Flutterings on 10th June 2016: Large Skipper, Small Skipper and Clouded Yellow

Large Skipper 160609 at Saxondale by Ian Hurst

Large Skipper 160609 at Saxondale by Ian Hurst

Three new species for the year over the last week: Large Skipper, Small Skipper and Clouded Yellow.

Small Skipper
Singleton on 09/06/2016 at Toton Sidings, Iris & Derek Martin

Large Skipper
Seven records from Bingham Linear Park, Flawborough Footpath, Rushcliffe Halt, Langar Airfield, Toton Sidings, Saxondale (3) and Watchwood Nth from Michael Walker, Graham Gamage, Kevin Gibbons, Bill Bacon, Iris & Derek Martin, Ian Hurst and Martyn Anderson respectively.

Dingy Skipper
Four records from Calverton Pit Sth meadow, Ollerton Pit Wood transect, Bennerley Marsh and Toton Sidings from Martyn Anderson, Jane Broomhead, Jim Steele and Iris & Derek Martin.

Grizzled Skipper
Chris Jackson reports: “Now entering the fifth week since the first Grizzled skipper sighting. We have received 162 positive records (adults, eggs or larvae) of this species from its known range in Nottinghamshire, with records sent in by 34 different recorders.
Since last week, 21 butterflies have been seen on the wing, including two reported from this morning and we have received reports of 20 eggs and one GS caterpillar too.”

Grizzled Skipper 160605 by Jenny Craig

Grizzled Skipper 160605 by Jenny Craig

24 individuals seen at 18 sites including a female egg laying on Alder Buckthorn in Stapleford (Ian Dunn).

Large White
26 individuals seen at 15 sites.

Small White
28 individuals seen at 18 sites.

Green-veined White
60 seen at 21 sites with counts of 10 and 12 at Sharphill Wood Edwalton and Wilwell Cutting NWT (Chris Overton).

Good to have 67 individuals at 23 sites, highest count of 10 at Sharphill Wood Edwalton (Chris Overton).

Green Hairstreak
Even better is to have had two GHS records this week – two at Toton Sidings (Hannah Wilkinson) and three along the Flawborough Footpath (Graham Gamage).

Green Hairstreak 160606 at Toton Sidings by Hanna wilkinson

Green Hairstreak 160606 at Toton Sidings by Hanna wilkinson

Small Copper
14 sightings from 9 sites including four at Toton Sidings (Iris and Derek Martin).

Brown Argus
10 individuals seen at 7 sites, three at Naturescape Langar (Bill Bacon).

Common Blue
126 individuals at 24 sites including 23 on her Ollerton Pit Wood transect (Jane Broomhead), 16 on the Flawborough Footpath (Graham Gamage) and 13 nearby at Kilvington (Jacqueline Dennison).

Holly Blue
62 records from 44 sites. A considerable under-recording I suspect. Several butterphiles have commented how common HBs are in our gardens at the moment

Painted Lady
‘Just’ 30 records from 28 sites. Two seen by David Parkin at Swingate and 2 by Carl Cornish at College Pines. Hopefully some will stick and we may even see some successful breeding.

Painted Lady 160604 at Rufford CP by Rich Hand

Painted Lady 160604 at Rufford CP by Rich Hand

Small Tortoiseshell
A few records and the only reports of larvae this week have been from Antoni Lachetta at Sandy Banks LNR.

Reported at ten sites in ones and twos.

Speckled Wood
Again ones and twos totalling just 19 in all.

Small Heath
Recorded at thirteen sites but 68 in all with 25 during the Ollerton Pit Wood transect (Jane Broomhead) and 13 in the Calverton Pit south meadow (Martyn Anderson).

The more recent 2016 species status to date:
23. Clouded Yellow [07/06/2000-02/11/2006] 9/06/16-
22. Small Skipper [20/05/2010-16/09/2003] 9/06/16-
21. Large Skipper [14/05/2001-16/09/2003] 6/06/16-
20. Wall Brown 30/05/2016
19. Small Heath [24/04/2009-10/10/2015] 18/05/16-
18. Brown Argus [28/04/2007-20/10/2006] 16/05/2016-
17. Painted Lady [27/03/1999-15/12/1996] 13/05/2016-
16. Common Blue [11/04/2012-14/10/2011] 8/05/16-
15. Small Copper [16/03/1997-09/11/2006] 7/05/2016-
[ ] indicate first and last dates in Notts records dating back to 1995.

My thanks to all of the above records from others including Amanda Hender, Clumber Park transect volunteers, Laurence Archibald, Jane Howe, Michael Walker, Richard Smyth, Lynne Demaine, Peter Acton, Stan Darling, Graham Birkett, Damian Taylor, Brian Parkes, Dave Morton, Jane Howe, Jenny & Steve Smith, Nick Crouch, Jerry Clough and Jim Steele.

Keep the records coming

Richard Rogers

Remember the Big Butterfly Count starts on 15th July and runs through to the 7th August

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