Nottinghamshire Flutterings on 17th June 2016: Meadow Brown and Ringlet.


Two new species for 2016.

Meadow Brown
Just before the rather heavy rain set in earlier this week, Carl Cornish sighted four Meadow Brown at Langford Lowfields on 12th June. The first record reported to me this year. Since then singles have been seen at Netherfield (Jacqueline Dennison), Rushcliffe Country Park (Chris Overton) and on their Netherfield Lagoons transect (Sue Cowlishaw and Pam Gartside).

During the hot couple of hours early yesterday afternoon Graham Birkett was greeted by a single Ringlet whilst completing week 11 of his Beeston Sidings transect.

Other species observed this week include

Small Skipper
No records over the last week. The only confirmed sighting, as reported last week, was on 09/06/2016.

Large Skipper
Seen this week at Skylarks NWT (Blott’s Pit) by Chris Overton and Toni Lachetta at Sandy Banks NR.

Grizzled Skipper
Brian Johnson found one female, 17 eggs and 1 larva along the GCR Line near East Leake.

Dingy Skipper
No records over the last week, last record seems to be on 06/06/2016 at Warsop Vale by Dave Morton.

No records over the last week, last record seems to be on 07/06/2016 along the GCR Line near East Leake from Brian Johnson.

Small Copper
Seen at Mansfield Road (Church Rock) Cemetery by both Peter Acton and Damian Taylor.
My thanks to the above plus Chloe Ryder, Howard Williams, Ian Dunn, Jane Howe and Paul Pearson.

2016 species status to date:

25. Ringlet [10/05/1999?-07/10/2015] 16/06/2016-
24. Meadow Brown [02/03/2004?-02/10/2011] 12/6/16-
23. Clouded Yellow [07/06/2000-02/11/2006] 9/06/16-
22. Small Skipper [20/05/2010-16/09/2003] 9/06/16-
21. Large Skipper [14/05/2001-16/09/2003] 6/06/16-
20. Wall Brown 30/05/2016

Finally, don’t forget there is an outing to Wilford Claypits next Tuesday.  I am working 🙁

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