Nottinghamshire Flutterings on 18th May 2016 Painted Lady, Brown Argus and Small Heath.

Three newbies over the last week:

Painted Lady seen at Colston Bassett by Neil Pinder on May 12th, no doubt brought in along with Red Admiral by the warm continental breeze we had a week ago.

Brown Argus was recorded by Graham Gamage along the Flawborough Footpath on May 16th.

Small Heath, one seen yesterday (17/5/16) at Rainworth and another nearby at Hundred Acres by David Shaw.

Small Heath 160517 by David Shaw

Small Heath 160517 by David Shaw

A selection of other sightings:

Dingy Skipper
Records from Bevercotes, Toton Sidings, Bevercotes Pit Wood and Ollerton Pit Wood where Jane Broomhead counted 7.

Grizzled Skipper
A reminder that the Notts Grizzled Skipper project is run by Chris Jackson the Biodiversity Officer for the Nottinghamshire Biodiversity Action Group.

Chris Jackson reports:

It’s still less than two weeks since our first sighting in Nottinghamshire (4th May at Staunton Quarry) and already we have received 65 positive records of this species from its known range in Nottinghamshire, sent in by 21 different recorders.”

Records have been received from 12 different locations, with good numbers of records being received from Staunton Quarry and Saxondale Disused Railway. We have also received records from GCR Barnstone Tunnel, Bingham Linear Park, Cotham Disused Railway (at Kilvington), Cotham Station, East Leake Station, Flawborough Footpath, Langar Airfield (Dispersal), Langar Airfield (Bridleway), Rushcliffe Halt and the Newark to Cotham Sustrans Route (by Cotham Landfill).

Sites where increased coverage would be very beneficial are:
The area around Langar airfield (including the bridleway to the east)
Naturescape Community Woodland
Barnstone Disused Railway
The disused railway running from Newark to Bottesford (especially south of Alverton and the length between Cotham and Kilvington)
The southern end of Flawborough Footpath (the ‘triangle’)
Sites around Kilvington lakes
The southern end of Bingham Linear Park

Chris Jackson

Maps of these locations are on the Notts BAG web site

Please contact Chris directly if you have any queries including access arrangements where sites do not have public rights of way.


Grizzled Skipper 160512 at Saxondale by Colin Bowler

Grizzled Skipper 160512 at Saxondale by Colin Bowler

Grizzled Skipper 160512 at Saxondale by Colin Bowler

Grizzled Skipper 160512 at Saxondale by Colin Bowler

Still doing well, over 40 records during the last week.

Green Hairstreak
Some really encouraging records from Holme Pierrepont, Skylarks NR, Blott’s Pit, Toton Sidings and especially Cotgrave CP and Netherfield Lagoons. Thanks to Richard Smyth, Mark Speck, Lynne Demaine, Sue Cowlishaw, Simon Jenkins and Michael Walker.

Green-Hairstreak 160517 Cotrave CP by Lynne Demaine

Green-Hairstreak 160517 Cotrave CP by Lynne Demaine

Common Blue
Just two records – from Neil Pinder on the GCR at Normanton on Soar and Colin Bowler at Saxondale (a courting pair).

Small Copper
Singles seen at Cotgrave Forest and Clumber Park (Neil Pinder and Jacqueline Dennison)

Holly Blue
Just 20 records, a bit disappointing?

Red Admiral
Eight records from the Old Nottingham Canal footpath, Colston Bassett, Netherfield Ouse Dyke, Beeston Sidings transect, Langar Airfield Bridleway, Rainworth and Strelley wood. Thanks to some of the aforementioned, Graham Birkett and Nigel Wood.

Specked Wood
A definite improvement in numbers with 40 record over the last week.

In addition to those mentioned above my thanks to Toni Lachetta, Brian Johnson, Howard Williams,J Brown, Jane Howe, Jean Parrott, Lorna Griffiths and Paul Pearson.

Note for your diary:  

The Big Butterfly Count starts on 15th July and runs through to the 7th August

2016 species status to date:
19. Small Heath [24/04/2009-10/10/2015] 18/05/16-
18. Brown Argus [28/04/2007-20/10/2006] 16/05/2016-
17. Painted Lady [27/03/1999-15/12/1996] 13/05/2016-
16. Common Blue [11/04/2012-14/10/2011] 8/05/16-
15. Small Copper [16/03/1997-09/11/2006] 7/05/2016-
14. Dingy Skipper [24/04/2009-07/07/2013] 6/05/16-
13. Grizzled Skipper [23/04/2003-26/06/2005] 4/05/2016-
12. Green Hairstreak [06/04/1997-22/06/2013] 19/04/16-


Happy fluttering,

Richard Rogers


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