Nottinghamshire Flutterings on 19th April 2016 – Holly Blue and Green Hairstreak

A brief update to bring you news of two more species on the wing in Notts – Holly Blue and Green Hairstreak

Holly Blue – first seen by Oliver Lockett – a singleton in Newark on 13th April.

Another reported today (also Newark!) by Carl Cornish.

Earlier today I found a single Green Hairstreak at what seems to be the only reliable site / colony we have for GHS in Nottinghamshire.

The habitat is looking tired and frail but that could be because of the cold spring we have had.

I do not want to encourage a birding-like circle of those ‘in the know’ but equally, as the habitat is not looking its best, I don’t really want lots of butterphiles trooping down to the site potentially causing more disturbance. As the site is quite large you have to know where to find them as many already do.

Should I provide specific site details for those who do not? Publicly here or only to those who ask me personally?

Arguably it is better to say exactly where they are to avoid searching and trampling other areas of the site when searching.

I have written a two question survey on Survey Monkey to help give me an idea about what I should do in this situation.

The questions are anonymous so if you have any specific comments please email me directly.
Our 2016 species status to date:

12. Green Hairstreak [06/04/1997-22/06/2013] 19/4/16-
11. Holly Blue [15/03/1998-23/10/2011] 13/4/16-
10. Orange-tip [17/03/2011-28/08/1998] 13/4/16-
09. Large White [22/03/1998-02/11/2010] 13/4/16-
08. Speckled Wood [17/03/2011-05/11/2014] 30/3/16-
07. Green-veined White [17/03/2011-08/10/2008] 26/3/2016-
06. Small White [25/3/2016-31/10/2007] 25/3/16-
05. Comma [06/02/1998-24/11/2011] 20/3/2016-
04. Peacock [03/01/2013-29/12/2015] 10/2/16-
03. Brimstone [11/01/2005-27/12/2015] 7/2/16-
02. Red Admiral [25/01/2014-29/12/2011] 29/01/2016-
01. Small Tortoiseshell [12/01/2016-24/12/2001] 12/01/2016-

[ ] indicate first and last dates in Notts records dating back to 1995.
Richard Rogers

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