Red Admiral and the 2015 records

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Red Admiral [25/01/2014-29/12/2011] 29/01/2016-
Red Admiral became our second adult species to be seen this year on the 29th January. Chris Bradbury saw one fluttering around the pavement out at the back of his house.

Small White [01/04/1995-31/10/2007]
Annie Cheesbrough has emailed to say she “has had six 6 caterpillars of Small White butterflies on our brassicas through the winter. The last live one I saw was 2 weeks ago (23/1/16) on kale in West Bridgford. Can’t find any now though. Goodness knows what they’d have fed on if they’d developed! I’ve certainly never seen surviving caterpillars after frost before this winter.”


I have probably received my final set of 2015 records his week. I have yet to send the finally tally off to Butterfly Conservation so if there are any more records outstanding then please let me know.

These are records from many sources including casual records, the Big Butterfly Count, Transects, iRecord and the WCBS (Wider Countryside Butterfly Scheme).

18782 records of 81504 individuals. See the table below (note you can sort by the column headers)

I wonder how many individuals have not been recorded at all or will be the same individual recorded on different days or by different observers and thus what the true number of butterflies really is in Notts.

Notts 2015 records summary

SpeciesRecordsIndividuals counted
Small White18456698
Small Tortoiseshell16024931
Large White15994876
Speckled Wood13863643
Meadow Brown102010853
Green-veined White9032767
Holly Blue8201358
Common Blue8024450
Red Admiral7591158
Small Skipper3914003
Painted Lady362514
Large Skipper3531159
Small Copper269583
Small Heath196864
Brown Argus114292
Essex Skipper113403
Dingy Skipper87343
Marbled White52271
White-letter Hairstreak41120
Grizzled Skipper39111
Purple Hairstreak3274
Green Hairstreak1593
Silver-washed Fritillary1217
Clouded Yellow77
Purple Emperor713
Dark Green Fritillary34
White Admiral11
Wall Brown11


Richard Rogers

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