Some more Small Tortoiseshell records……

Small Tortoiseshell [12/01/2016-24/12/2001] 12/01/2016-
Mick Bajcar found one in his Elton-on-the-Hill garden on 13th January “whilst torpid, it had clearly been on the wing”.
Two sightings yesterday, during that brief spell of morning sunshine:

Ron Overton had one basking on his lounge window-sill (outdoor) for 10 minutes.

Brian Johnson found one that had “been over-wintering in my study, and with today’s strong sun shining through my lounge window
must have woken it up. So it decided to come into the lounge and open its wings and get some direct warmth from the sun (as seen in the photo). It became very active so I decided to let it out to find a more suitable place to over-winter in.

Richard Rogers


PS I love Brian’s photo with the long shadow cast by the low winter sun.



Small Tortoiseshell Brian Johnson 20-01-2016

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