Nottinghamshire Flutterings update 16th October 2017

Ten species on the wing over the last two weeks:

Large White Eight records including twos at Toton Fields, Bingham Linear Park, Newstead Abbey Park and Carlton-in-Lindrick
Small White Ten records, all singletons from Kirton, Ollerton, Sandy Banks LNR, Bingham Linear Park, Caunton, Bennerley Viaduct Lagoons, Bilsthorpe, Carlton-in-Lindrick
Green-veined White Two singletons, Carlton-in-Lindrick and Worksop
Small Copper Nine on Calverton Pit Heathland 9/10/17 (Martin Anderson) and a singleton at Sandy Banks LNR
Common Blue One seen in Bestwood by Toni Lachetta on 10/10/17
Red Admiral 149 individuals seen at 37 sites including Kirton 30 (David Shaw), Linby 29 (Phil Burnham), Newstead Abbey Park 23 (Phil Burnham), Sibthorpe Church car park 11 (Bill Bacon) and Ollerton 8 (David Shaw)
Small Tortoiseshell Singletons in Kirton, Bingham, Bingham Linear Park and Sibthorpe Church car park
Peacock One seen at Bramcote Hills Landfill
Comma Twenty-six individuals at 15 sites with a max of 5 at  Newstead Abbey Park (Phil Burnham)
Speckled Wood Eleven individuals from 8 sites, all singletons but for 3 at Sandy Banks LNR (Toni Lachetta)




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