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AGM & Members' Day 17th November 2019

Minutes available here:


East Midlands Main Committee

Branch Organiser/Treasurer/Events

Jane Broomhead  Tel: 01623 862854 Email:

Membership Secretary & Butterfly Reports Co-ordinator

Christine Maughan   Tel: 01332 511825   Email:

Butterfly Recorder for Derbyshire & Transect Co-ordinator for the East Midlands

Ken Orpe     Email:

Assistant Butterfly Recorder for Derbyshire

Pat Orpe     Email:

Recorder for Leicestershire & Rutland and National Forest Representative:

Richard Jeffery   Tel: 01455 845112; Mob. 07803 599247   Email:

Conservation Advisor:

Jim Steele   Tel:   Email:

Conservation Officer:

Melanie Jane Penson   Tel:   Email:

Sales & Display Organiser

Jane Broomhead   Tel: 01623 862854   Email:

Newsletter Editor

Eliot Taylor  Tel: 0116 287 1677   Email:

Publicity Officer

Gary Atkins   Tel: 01335 370773   Email:

Field Trip Officer

Max Maughan   Tel: 01332 511825   Email:


Suzanne Halfacre   Tel: 0788 4403 903  Email:

East Midlands Assistant Committee

Grizzled Skipper Projects Officer

Mark Searle   Email:


Butterfly Recorder for Nottinghamshire

Steve Mathers   Email:

Moth Officer for Leicestershire & Rutland



Neil Pinder    Email:

Regional Officer

Rhona Goddard  Tel: 01746 762364 or 07903 038261  Email:

If you would like to become a Committee Member please contact the Branch Organiser.

When sending out ANY emails please do not include Assistant Committee and Non-Committee members unless the email relates to their roles. (This is what they have asked for).
Silver-washed Fritillary
Silver-washed Fritillary © Christine Maughan